Cuprate Workshop 2008

The ICAM-CNAM Workshop on Cuprate Fermiology was held at the University of Maryland on Friday Nov. 14 and Saturday Nov. 15, 2008. The workshop was motivated by the recent observations of quantum oscillations in YBCO (ortho-II YBa2Cu3O6.5 and YBa2Cu4O8) which have suggested the occurrence of small Fermi surface pockets in the underdoped cuprates. About 50 researchers were brought together to review the status of these experiments and to assess their implications within the framework of theoretical cuprate physics and the large body of other experimental data on the cuprates. The workshop featured invited talks with much open discussion and a poster session. The presentations are listed below with links to the slides if available.

Philip Anderson
Princeton University
"A Simple Explanation for Fermi Arcs"
William Buyers
Chalk River
"Spin reorganization in cuprates"
Anthony Carrington
University of Bristol
"Quantum Oscillations in the overdoped cuprate Tl-2201"
Sudip Chakravarty
"Fermi surface reconstruction in underdoped high temperature superconductors"
Johan Chang
ETH Zurich
"Electronic structure of La-based cuprates near the 1/8-anomaly: a combined ARPES and neutron diffraction study"
Andrey Chubukov
University of Wisconsin
"Gap anisotropy and universal pairing scale in a spin fluctuation model for cuprates"
Andrea Damascelli
University of British Columbia
"In situ doping control of the surface of high-temperature superconductors"
J. C. Seamus Davis
Cornell University
"How Cooper Pairs vanish approaching the Mott Insulator in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ"
Neil Harrison
Los Alamos National Laboratory
"Spin ordering at the Fermi surface of YBa2Cu3O6+x"
Greg Jenkins
University of Maryland
"IR Hall and Arpes Compared - arcs and pockets, gaps and pseudogaps"
Peter Johnson
Brookhaven National Laboratory
"Particle-Hole Asymmetry in the Pseudogap Phase of the High Tc Superconductors"
Bernhard Keimer
Max-Planck-Institute, Stuttgart
"Spin correlations in YBCO: Evolution with doping and magnetic field"
Patrick Lee
"Simulation of quantum oscillations in cuprates"
Mike Norman
Argonne National Laboratory
"Arcs and Pockets - The Same or Different?"
Cyril Proust
"Fermi surface of cuprates: What quantum oscillations can teach us?"
Suchitra Sebastian
Cambridge University, UK
"Effect of many body interactions on quantum oscillations in YBCO6+x"
Z. X. Shen
Stanford University
"Fermi Surfaces from ARPES"
Tudor Stanescu
University of Maryland
"Effective masses in doped Mott insulators"
Louis Taillefer
Université de Sherbrooke
"Fermi surface reconstruction in cuprates"
Senthil Todadri
"Killing the Fermi surface: some ideas on strange metal, Fermi arcs, and other phenomena"
Chandra Varma
UC, Riverside
"Magneto-oscillations in Underdoped Cuprates"





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