FACILITIES -- Low-Temperature Measurements, Room 1357

Physical Properties Measurement System  
low temperature probe

The PPMS (Physical Property Measurement System) is a low-temperature probe station used   to measure magnetic and electrical properties of various materials under a wide variety of   pressure, magnetic field, and temperature conditions. It is currently used for both device   testing and material characterization. The PPMS can perform resistivity, Hall effect,   thermoelectric power, thermoconductivity, heat capacity, and AC susceptibility   measurements. Measurements can be performed at temperatures between 350K and   300mK. The magnetic field can be set up to 14 Tesla and the sample can be pressurized to   3GPa inside a pressure cell.  

Super-user: Kui Jin, kuijin@umd.edu, x57943

Supervisor: Prof. Richard Greene, rgreene@squid.umd.edu, x56128

XL-7 Squid Magnetometer  
squid magnetometer

 Two Quantum Design SQUID Magnetometers: Magnetic Property Measurement Systems   MPMS XL-5 and XL-7 (5T and 7T) AC and DC susceptibility measurements:

- Maximum sample Size: 9 mm - Field uniformity: 0.01% over 4 cm
  - Temperature range: 1.8-400 K
Maximum field ±5T or ±7T (z direction)
  - Continuous low temperature control/temperature sweep mode-sweep rate: 0.001 - 10 K/min
- SQUID AC susceptibility measurement-0.1 Hz to 1 KHz, sensitivity: 2 x l0-8 emu at 0 T
- Ultra-low field capability/option ±0.05 G for the 5 T or 7T magnets
- Reciprocating sample option (RSO) - DC Magnetization absolute sensitivity: 1 x 10-8 emu at 2,500 Oe
- He4 cooled, volume

Super-user: Shanta Saha, srsaha@umd.edu, X57320

Supervisor: Prof. Richard Greene, rgreene@squid.umd.edu, x56128

XL-5 Squid Magnetometer

squid magnetometer


NOTE: the 5T SQUID is fully operational, but because the 7T one   covers all users’ needs, we keep it warm as a backup. It can  be cooled down in 2 days and it takes about 100 liquid He.

Super-user:Shanta Saha, srsaha@umd.edu, X57320

Supervisor: Prof. Richard Greene, rgreene@squid.umd.edu, x56128















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